life is deep. wake up. dive in.



firmly planted in the mind-boggling nature and mesmerising beauty of the island of the gods:

organic living | communal production | creative practice

designed in collaboration with the natural energy around it, here we reboot, start, craft, or experiment with whatever we can imagine.

(photograph by Sarah Ball)

nature retreat

get into the flow of life willing itself into being… and the hard to describe feeling as it reveals itself in your life and your world. we welcome people interested in getting in on the diverse energy of everything around us to stay and play.

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communal making

our team is self managed and work on their own and collectively to meet the needs of the communities we serve. at big love we make and grow many things from passion fruit to natural body care, healthy snacks and healing teas.

village enterprise

our production studios work with the communities we serve. we reach for the highest standards of both social and environmental responsibility in everything we do. this makes us outrageously happy.


work experience

young graduates who are ready to explore the road less travelled can throw themselves into the melee and experience the power of making, creating, collaborating, and producing when everyone matters.  apply here


(photograph by Sarah Ball)


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