we are all artists.  the canvas is life.


Firmly planted in the mind-boggling nature and mesmerising beauty of the island of the gods, Big Love is a unique combination of organic living, creative practice, and enterprise hub, enabling you to reboot, start, or experiment with pretty much anything you can imagine.


connect. create. commune.

on your just for you life-changing experience of self discovery and renewal

re-connect in our handmade nature spaces. re-charge in our healing canteen. re-design in our multimedia studios.

Give your self some time to get in on the diverse energy of everything around you and let this force help you unfold.


change perspective. experiment. discover.

In this special place it’s easy to experience the magical flow of life willing itself into being… and the hard to describe feeling as it reveals itself in your life and your world.

self directed by design

Inspired by immersive experiences and hands on learning, we retreat here to listen to ourselves for a while. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing we can help but ultimately this is your handmade, just-for-you, life changing moment.

we also run regular internships for young people who are interested in a longer term experience.  scholarships are available.  you can apply here

(photography by Sarah Ball)

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we look forward to welcoming you soon.