Not long after the planes flew into the buildings, it occurred to us that life had turned into one big mass produced, one size fits all mess – relentless exams, automated answering systems, and mind numbing malls combined with a spiraling addiction to material acquisition. Something about it all just didn’t feel right. Deep down inside we had an inkling that there was definitely something deeper, richer and more meaningful somewhere. But where? We decided to find out.

Since that moment we’ve been experimenting with new ways to live, learn, work, and be, all with the single purpose of seeking that something more for ourselves and anyone else who was interested.

Our adventure was not straightforward but we weren’t alone. Over the years we’ve chatted with tea pickers in Sri Lanka and ecological soap makers in Somerset. We toured the Derwent Valley where the first cotton mills were built.  We did some serious time with the beaches and forests of the earth as we tried to come to terms with her beauty and our place in it. We dove into the liberating educational approaches of self directed learning, Maria Montessori and Rudolph Steiner and the multiple intelligence theories of Howard Gardner. And we experimented with ways to communicate these new perspectives through digital media, immersive installations, hands on learning, performance, and other stuff.

This is the work in progress of our quest to seek some better, deeper, more connected ways for ourselves and anyone else who might be interested.

If that’s you then please join us.

We hope you will enjoy our adventures and that you will find something from our path that you can take with you on yours.

life is deep. wake up. dive in.

bon voyage and big hugs

(jac & maya)