Too big

Mass production has many negative effects on the pursuit of a more sustainable way of living. Aside from effects of everything being the same these corporations are big, bureaucractic, and slow. They are hard to regulate. Their decisions, to hire and fire, pollute the environment, cut corners, put bad things in our food, dodge taxes, and/or trade unfairly (to name a few) are made by faceless and unaccountable management teams and their focus on short term profit at any cost.

As employees the frustration of these diseconomies of scale are bad enough (70% do not like their job – Inc magazine).  As consumers we also suffer from the failures of big companies: inability to provide what they promise, bad quality, automated answering machines, and poor customer service.

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Profit at any cost

A few large corporations and the super wealthy people who control them now decide how the world works, for all of us – how we make our food, who gets paid what for what, how things are made, and at what cost – all largely in the hands of a very few.

Our lives as individuals, and the fate of the earth, are both dictated to us by the high street, the supermarket, and the requirements of our employment.

The environment, the old, the young, the academically challenged, the different, the sick, the weak, and the small have all been marginalised as global machines pursing economies of scale move at a rapid pace turning everything in its path into a one size fits all opportunity for profit at any cost.

Does it matter if profit is made at the cost of some others? Where does social responsibility fit in a profit at any cost world? What are your personal experiences with socially or environmentally irresponsible business?   Share stories, links, thoughts, and data here.