we were guided to this energising piece of Bali earth and instantly fell in love. learning to live in harmony with it was a choice we made to seek a more organic, aligned, and creative way of life for ourselves and anyone else who happened to drop by. monitor lizards, kingfishers, and various canines browse the perimeter. tropical flora give off intoxicating aromas and thousands of cicadas mark the beginning and end of the day. In the midst of this outrageous energy, and with the contributions of a wide variety of awesome young people from all over the world, big love was born.









nourishing vibes

we cook and eat together everyday. generosity. communion, and the alchemy of food come together as we take turns making healthy nourishment for mind and soul. we grow things. gather things. and cook them. we trade ideas and traditions, collaborate fiercely and work with our hands. we create, try, design, and love. everyone contributes to the canteen and the joy that emerges from it.


learn by doing

less thinking. more trying. experimenting. failing. revising. and redoing. we are self directed learners working closely together to uncover new ways to connect to the magic of this small piece of earth. we make things by hand. cooperate. problem solve. and cultivate as we celebrate the largely untapped power of our good human skills and the beauty of the energy of the universe that is all around us. beyond money at all costs, there are so many new ways of working and being that are better for people and planet.








 back to life

the very real flow of this something bigger to which we all belong awaits all who stick their feet in the ground at big love.

we’re employing the creative arts to embody the web of life and our place in it. what’s your perspective on how to cultivate and express this limitless energy and share it far and wide? devise. speak. commune. film. design. move. paint. sew. act. the interconnection of all things is everywhere.









  back to you

mass education and the one size fits all world teaches us to look outside of ourselves – what are we supposed to do? what do others think of us? how can we do it right?  Who we are; our way; our view is lost. Turning our attention to the journey within and listening to what’s inside is the first step to reconnecting to our true self and the gigantic potential of what is inside. Allowing this small seed of who we are to germinate and grow organically, from the ground up is the single biggest positive contribution we can make to our mental health and the future of humanity.

at big love everyday working, living, and being is deeply embued with the possibilities of this communion.  from interactive labs and listenings, to working with ones hands, and looking for new ways to express these practices we’ve got loads of ways to find your way back to you. YAY.









back to us

we’ve taken a page from the highly successful tree as a guide for how we might do some recreating from the ground up.

we’re building a network of tiny acts, small experiments, little campaigns, and other joyful expressions of what happens when who we really are and the something bigger to which we all belong come together.

what part of our broken world calls you? what part of a new earth rising is yours?

reclaim your part and your path.  uncover your natural talents, and superpowers (often ignored by the one size fits all world). use all this potential to make something new in the world.  help others to do the same.






an out of this world collaboration and the truly mind-blowing, natural beauty of rural Bali awaits.  ready to experiment, try, make, create, heal, and explore the power of human like never before?  the energy of life itself and many new ways to live, work, connect, share, and love that are imbedded inside it are waiting and

you’re invited





bring your love for creating, sound, making stuff, building, devising, cooking, improv, organic gardening, dialogue, graphic design, painting, community theatre, crafting, videography, animation, healing, and general fun and games plus a serious interest in some old fashioned community building, song, and dance. fresh ginger and the road less travelled awaits.


 pic by Sarah Ball; sarahb.co


our communal makings are non-monetary, community initiatives. needs based bursaries are available on a sliding scale.  a healthy vegetarian lunch and transport to and from Ubud is provided. our work is 100% not for profit.  reach out and chat.  ask. suggest. we are human being powered. we rarely bite. we look forward to hearing from you.





By the time we got to WoodstockWe were half a million strongAnd everywhere, there was song and celebration

And I dreamed I saw the bombersRiding shotgun in the skyAnd they were turning into butterfliesAbove our nation

We are stardustBillion year old carbonWe are goldenCaught in the devil’s bargainAnd we’ve got to get ourselvesBack to the garden

Joni Mitchell (1943- ) Canadian-American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and painter