talking heads

do you have a unique event, practice, element, or perspective that defines you or your family. what is your journey? what’s important to your people? what part of our collective diversity do you embody? every life has value. share your story here. write it. speak it.

send in some spoken word, poetry, prose, monologue, either as a video or as plain text for the makers to animate

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To be a part of our global collage of stories, take a journey through the oneness studio and once you are ready make a 4-5 min film discussing your cultural experience and submit it to us. Feel free to send in video of you speaking, doing spoken word, rapping, reading etc.

If selected, submissions will be featured in our online galleries. artists will be able to promote themselves and their work and will receive a one year free membership and a gift from our collection. in addition, submissions selected for our other productions will receive a further honorarium and become a member of our ongoing oneness collective. questions, concerns, and comments? feel free to get in touch: we look forward to collaborating with you.