making the new 

evolutionary enterprise. beyond profit at all costs. organic. shared. intuitive. circular. sustainable

Do you have an idea for a beyond profit NEW startup? If you already know your part and would like some support than this is the place for you.

We collaborate with the hive mind,  harness the creative process, and employ all kinds of energy to enable people who have an idea to succeed.


Our menu includes experiments that are worth 1000 expert opinions. Less thinking. More doing. Mocks ups. Mistakes. and Re-starts. All served with lashings of pure unadultered love.

we also provide strategy, branding, funding, and other support services





We know that inside every human there is a seed of something truly awesome.
The question is how

to germinate this seed and maximise it’s energy as it unfolds.

stop. listen. feel. connect.

Get inspired. Find your feet, your path, and your voice. Become your purpose and your story. The thing you’re looking for is in you. Find out how to harness it and use it to be part of something better for everyone.


If you are ready to find our more drop us an email:

Please include a brief description of the areas you are interested in and where you are in your life and the world as well and any links to anything you think would be fun for us to see.


we look forward to welcoming you to start-up soon.