1% of the worldwide population own 45% of the world’s total wealth.

(Credit Suisse, Global Wealth Databook, 2018)

80% of the world lives on less than $10 per day.  50% live on less than $2.50 per day.

(World Bank, Credit Suisse)

14 million people including 30% of all children in the UK live in poverty.

(Social Metrics Commission, 2018)

People who make our Adidas and Nike shoes are paid approximately $3.90 a day.

The average UK worker is paid $150 a day.

An average CEO is paid $2307 per day.

A FTSE 100 CEO is paid $28,873 per day.

(Economic Policy Institute; Fortune; Office of National Statistics, NEW analysis)


Almost 30% of the world is either under or unemployed.
(Gallup, World Bank)

15% of all youth in the world and 20% of all youth in the EU are unemployed including over 40% in Italy, Spain, and Greece, and 16% in the UK.

(Eurostat 2015)

Over 40% of Americans feel stressed, irritable, depressed, sad, or constantly worrying.  Their biggest concerns are work and money.
(American Psychological Association, Auburn University)

On average Americans make over $60,000 per year compared with $3650 for 80% of the world.

Sri Lanka - Germany - Ireland - Scotland - Canada


Singaporeans on average make $93,900 per year putting them in 7th place worldwide. (PPP adjusted). (World Factbook)
Singapore has the highest depression rate in Asia.
(World Health Organisation)

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The profit motive, when it is the sole basis of an economic system, encourages a cutthroat ambition and selfish ambition, that inspires men to be more concerned about making money than making a life.

(Martin Luther King Jr.)