its good to be chemical free

Ecological bodycare when properly formulated contains none of the harsh surfactants, preservatives and other nasty ingredients that can be found in traditional mass produced bodycare.  Its better for you AND the planet –  in harmony with nature’s natural processes and cycles.

These days the natural bodycare world has exploded with many brands on the market now purporting to be natural and organic in a variety of ways.  Some use tiny amounts of essential oils to make global claims about organic, active botanicals or based on natural ingredients even though 30-95% of the product is actually mass produced commercial products used to make the product do things like froth and bubble and sit on a shelf for ages.

Still more use our idea of natural (clean smelling, green etc. ) to fill the bottle with loads of chemical parfum and colour additives – perhaps the worst culprits of all since smell can be such a powerful stimulation.  Understanding ecological bodycare means getting to grips with all these misnomers and down right tricks. Our bodies greatest organ is its skin. Using harsh detergents that leave skin dry and require more pharamaceutical treatments to cure may line the pockets of bodycare providers but do nothing for your body or piece of mind.  Click here for a primer of what’s in everyday bodycare products.

Being part of a system and contributing positively to it makes everyone feel great.

With 55% of our body and 65% of the planet made from water and this water constantly moving and transforming between people, rain, rivers, oceans, clouds etc. our view is that it is the water in us and on the planet that we need to keep from harming. If we keep that clean then our skin is also likely to be clean. If we didn’t hurt that water body then we didn’t hurt our own. One of water’s great properties is its ability to constantly purify itself. By thinking, living and shopping ecologically we can purify ourselves and help our bodies greatest component part, its water, to do the same.