About Us

The LiLA vision is

a world where the full potential of people is harnessed and activated for the common good

Our mission is

to enable people to connect to their power and channel this force for good into their lives and the world

We value

our good human skills, logic AND intuition, conflict transformation, and the magic of real collaboration


We love people and make lots of magic with the unbelievable potential of humans everywhere.  We are obsessed with this raw and largely untapped power. How it feels.  And how it flows. So many acts of collective beauty of all shapes and sizes are possible from this unending reservoir of pure human energy.  It’s a serious trip. We work on a project by project basis in collaboration with a diverse network of talented individuals.


Jac has spent over 25 years exploring the worlds of human potential and global transformation.  Before founding the New Earth Works, Jac founded a tech startup to help companies release the full potential of their people. Her many grassroots efforts have ranged from producing community theatre in Ubud to providing business coaching to single mothers in inner city London.  Before becoming a social entrepreneur, Jac spent seven years at Bain & Co. working as a global strategy consultant for multi-nationals in the US, Europe and Asia. Jac studied psychology at the London School of Economics and Management at the MIT Sloan School.  She has lived in a number of countries in Europe, North America and Asia and is based in London.


Maya initially joined the New Earth Works as part of her entrepreneurial training and immediately fell in love with the heady combination of the creative arts, global change, and alternative learning.  Maya contributes her considerable creative skills to our immersive installations, digital work, live performances, and product designs. She is firmly committed to the next phase of the creative journey as a founding voice in the conception and launch of LiLA.

Maya practices aerial skills, dance, film-making, baking, and using her imagination to think up crazy ideas. She loves animals (especially dogs), nature, and the theatre.

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