xx jac (and maya)


Sometime between the dawn of the industrial revolution and now, the world turned into one big mass produced, one size fits all global economy. High stress high school, automated answering systems, and mind numbing mega malls ensued not to mention a spiraling addiction to material acquisition and an abundance of venture capitalists and bad movies.

Seriously? Is THIS what all those piano lessons, good schools and all night study sessions were about? THIS? Office cubicles, smart phones, and over-priced coffee before more THIS and then death.

A while back it occurred to me that THIS wasn’t working. Something about THIS just didn’t feel right. Deep down inside my double tall mocha cappucino I had an inkling that THIS needed a serious makeover. There was definitely something deeper, richer and just plain more excellent than THIS somewhere. But where? I decided to find it.

Since that moment I’ve been on a journey experimenting with new ways to live, learn, work and be, all with the single purpose of seeking something more than THIS.  I became we as many others began contributing to the task at had. And my journey became LiLA.  Ideas, experiences and stuff we’ve discovered on our adventure.  Beautiful views. Intriguing perspectives.  Maps and guides. Tons of positive energy and piles of inspiration.

We are so happy you have joined us to contemplate the road less travelled, expand your senses, discover your intuition and create your vision for the new earth. The different, the unique, the seers, passion freaks, inspired activists, earth mothers and anyone that same faint inkling in their heart that something is not right: This work is for us and the time is NOW.  Please join me.  xx jac


I am a self schooled Sri Lankan British Canadian with a passion for performance, multimedia installations and activism to create all kinds of magic in a world so desperate for some.

As my family travelled a lot, I have lived in several countries and visited more. At an early age I learned to live and work with diverse cultures and experience the value of difference.  My interests in cultural identity, global citizenship, and the power of people began during these years and remains central to my creative practice. We live in a world of conflict be it personal, environmental, or cultural. I see a future where through performance we can explore these differences and seek new and innovative ways to address them.

I chose self schooling which enabled me to embark on many self directed learning adventures and cultivate my ability to be self motivated, curious, and resourceful. By self-schooling I also learned how to create my own visions and figure out how to make them happen; to fail and get back up; to be resilient, and trust myself. The self determination I learned through my non-traditional school experience drives me creatively, and gives me confidence to look beyond my vision to how I can make it happen in the real world.


I have been involved with this work for almost as long as I’ve been alive, as I grew older I got more and more involved as I saw the state of the world around me, this can’t be the way life is supposed to be. If it is then put me on the first spaceship to mars. Moveover, in the moments when I did go to school, I found that I was being groomed to do the same thing, fit in the same peg, GCSE, A-Level, desk job…heck, maybe even a promotion. But the world is a gorgeous place filled  to the brim with amazing perspectives, cultures, and ideas, so why confine ourselves to being miserable? Dear my generation, generation Z: Let’s be us. Let’s create some awesome change. Let’s put our names down as the founding fathers of a new life. Come with me! xx Maya