(directed multimedia online learning by doing for better being and a better world)


I thought about writing a book and started many times. every human being is unique. to truly be of service to my audience I would have had to write a lot of books. so I didn’t write a book.

but if I had written a book i would have started it like this:

Not long after the planes flew into the buildings, it occurred to us that something was very wrong.  Something about everything suddenly didn’t feel right. Deep down inside we had an inkling that there was definitely something deeper, richer, and more meaningful somewhere. The only questions were where and how? We decided to find out.

money was never meant to be the purpose of life but over the last few decades study, work, shop, die has become our mantra, and let’s face it,  it’s not really working for a lot of people.  fitting into this one size fits all 9-5 machine means compromising a lot – our families, what makes us different, how we learn, and so much more – in a profound way.






this is our lifelong independent learning adventure and love love love affair with planet earth, her people, and the web of life that connects us all: 
a life-altering quest to reconnect us to ourselves, our path, and everything. and our small effort to deploy that very powerful, and largely untapped energy as a force for good in our lives, and the world.






uncover your way to reconnect to your self and your part. discover the energy of life that is all around us. grab tons of ideas and support for your trip.

it’s all about the doing and the how-to guide is in you

we’ve assembled a few different ways to get you on your way here:


(everyone has a purpose, a calling, a reason to be; SEIZE that thought and start exploring your part and your path and its place in your world)


(how do you connect to that something bigger to which we all belong? let’s have a play date and find out.  give it a try here)


(connect to the heart of your you. introduce yourself. get some really useful self knowledge here)


(if you know your part but don’t know how to get started-call out, we’ve got your back and we’re here to help.)


(we collaborated with over 5000 people from all over the world, plus  over 100 small factories, studios, and partners in the UK, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and beyond. You can check out our past work here.)






we are all artists. the canvas is life.







life’s a trip
make yours the way you want it
dive into the web of life
and find your part in it
grab your superpowers, your good human skills, & your wildest moments
embrace your nature and what makes you you
connect to the energy that is all around us
and use all this power to build what you love
in your life and the world


questions, concerns, comments, jokes?   we’d love to hear from you