Sometime between the dawn of the industrial revolution and now, the world turned into one big mass produced, one size fits all global economy. Automated answering systems, and mind numbing mega malls ensued not to mention a spiraling addiction to money, social media, and bad movies.

Seriously? Is THIS what all those all night study sessions were about? THIS? The basics of life for some but not for all. Democracy in the poubelle. And the serious possibility that we’ve destroyed the planet before more THIS and then death.

A while back it occurred to us that THIS wasn’t working. Something about THIS needed a serious makeover. There was definitely something deeper, richer and just plain better than THIS somewhere.

Since that moment we’ve been on a journey with the single purpose of finding the more than THIS: a life more beautiful, sustainable, inclusive, inspirational, compassionate, and conscious. To find yours we’ve collected resources, piles of inspiration, immersive experiences, and tons of positive energy.

We welcome you to THIS road less travelled. Connect to your you. Follow the feeling. Get in the flow. Enjoy the ride.