the pursuit of money at any cost has created so much conflict in the world that it is now threatening the ongoing survival of the human race








This strange and self destructive behaviour has reached epic proportions despite the fact that it clearly isn’t working for a lot of people. The inner and outer conflicts created by a system that rewards the few results in tremendous suffering in many ways from low self worth and anxiety, to inequality, social unrest, and ecological destruction.

a while back we began trying to free ourselves from all this crazy

(less conflict)


more connection

to ourselves, each other, and the planet.






the real potential of life is beyond our wildest comprehension. as members of a vibrant global community of humans, allowing this potential to emerge is finally within our reach.
we invite you to join us as we imagine, intuit, reclaim, voice, design, heal, respect, and re-align ourselves with life and it’s ongoing efforts to continue. 








listen to your self. uncover your super powers. use them to show you the way.

take the first step here

the interconnection of every living thing has power.

add some to your life here


walk your talk. be your path. learn by doing. get in the flow.

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unlearn the machine rules. listen to your self instead. go with your gut. transform as much conflict as you can. in you and in the world. be your truth. reclaim your good human skills. stand up for what’s right. integrate as much difference as you can. this makes us all better. treat everyone you meet as an old friend.

(see Dalai Lama and Mr. Rogers for further information)








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