all living things are part of a web of life to which we all contribute

 anyone who wants to can grab this energy and use it in your life and the world. we all do this differently. 



(one size fits all education doesn’t include the what or the how but) every one of us has a unique reason for being in this interdependent web



exciting skills, perspectives, and ways of doing things are emerging as a result. we are an experimental learning collaboration of globally minded citizens, makers, doers, and cool cats exploring them.

experience the web of life to which we all belong. join a voyage of self discovery like no other. contribute your awesome to something new. every way is different. find yours.

we are more than this.







sometime back we began looking for ways to free ourselves from a global industrial machine on a road to nowhere.

  the financial crisis. companies with their crazy objectives of never ending growth. sponsored by the ongoing acquisition of stuff. no work-life balance. insane racial and economic inequality. and a planet teetering on the brink of collapse? 

CC 2.0 Paul Keller



was there something better we could do with our lives besides contributing to this mess? and if so what?







we travelled. listened. searched. flailed around cooked. made stuff. met tons of new people. tried things. failed. wandered around. crafted. built stuff. and travelled some more.
amongst all that random trying were the signposts to something new.






           every quest is different. many people helped us find our way. as we went we logged the many hows we tried and designed these experimental labs so others could find theirs:


experience the something bigger to which we all belong: the positive energy of interdependence and its power to help you feel so much better about everything as part of the web of life that connects us all.


from the beginning we are taught how to be part of the system. the “best” get the most money. brands and stuff dictate our identity. but what about who we really are?  learn more about you. practice some radical self love. unblock your voice and allow it to show you your way.


anyone who wants to can be part of the evolution towards something better. uncover your part and your path. what emerging new directions attract you? so many branches yes. but one of them is yours. 


we’re all in this together. our learning collaboration is flexible, creative, and experiential.  uncover tons of stuff about your self and your life on a positive, life-affirming adventure. learning-by-doing awesome for everyone involved.











we are all artists. the canvas is life.

questions, comments, ideas, guides. find us here.

see you on the other side. xx jac & maya


meet our makers

our work is the result of a collaboration with an awesome group of talented creatives committed to the cause of humans everywhere. learn more about them and their work below.

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