how to find some reason for being, joy, self knowledge, and purpose in your life & the world

get inspired. unblock your potential. uncover your part. we’re all about the how. get started below: 






sometime back we began seeking ways to free our life from the madness and use this energy to create something better for ourselves and anyone else who happened to be around:

were there other options beyond the pursuit of money at all costs?




and if so how could we uncover these roads less travelled and a kinder, more equitable, and more sustainable way of being?






more of Pandu’s awesome photography here


as part of one interconnected, global community there are 7BN+ paths toward something wildly more interesting than the 9-5 rat race and the money munching machine it fuels. 

find yours:







who you are, what you love, your part, and a more sustainable planet await. to find your way choose a path below:


the web of life is jammed full of energy. experience the something bigger to which we all belong and contribute your unique perspective to this multi-dimensional masterpiece


reconnect to who you really are. unblock your voice. find your heart. learn how to rely on this version of you to show you the way to something better in your life and the world.


find your part in a changing world. take a step toward something more meaningful, inclusive, just, and sustainable.





we also operate a live and virtual reboot camp for people who are serious about exploring their path more deeply. you can find out more about this unique experience here







(out of chaos comes evolution)

grab your part in the creative play through which the universe is born

questions, comments, ideas, guides. find us here.

see you on the other side. xx jac & maya


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