practical, hands-on learning adventures

(beyond our one size fits all world…)

self knowledge. inspiration. connection. your part & your path. and tons of other cool stuff for the journey to something new.

our 200,000 year evolution continues as humanity begins the beautiful task of unfolding itself and taking its place in the great web of life…







only 200 years ago the industrial revolution took humanity on a wild ride.  much of this journey was positive but some bad habits emerged that are now threatening our very existence.

sometime back we began looking for ways to free ourselves from the industrial machine and use this energy to create something better.

were there any other options for life besides the pursuit of money at all costs?



…and if so how could we uncover these roads less travelled and take a few steps towards something better?






anyone with half a heart knows that the one size fits all economic system we accidentally made together is not working for many of those it was supposed to serve.

the good news is there are 7BN+ paths toward something wildly more interesting than the 9-5 rat race and the study work shop die mantra that feeds it. 






 our online experiences will guide you through the first few steps of your personal voyage to something new:


the web of life is jammed full of power. experience the something bigger to which we all belong and get connected to this incredible source of energy, inspiration, and much more


do some research on you for a change. unblock your energy. discover your truth. listen to your voice and allow it to show you the way.

work shop

everyone gets a part. uncover yours. take a step toward more meaning, connection, and flow. help make something new.





join the collaboration

learn new skills. spread positive energy everywhere.  uncover something new about your self and your life…   inspiring and impactful for everyone involved and currently fully online our making experiences are open.  find out more here. to apply send us some deets about your self, and what you do and we’ll be in touch.





(out of chaos comes evolution)

grab your part in the creative play through which the universe is born

questions, comments, ideas, guides. find us here.

see you on the other side. xx jac & maya