money was never meant to be the purpose of life. our obsession with it is killing us.

a while back we let go of the machine and began searching for something else.







The study, work, shop, die movement has reached epic proportions even though it really isn’t working for a lot of people.   As anyone who has joined the rat race will tell you, the compromises are mind-boggling. And for the 80% of the world who live on less than $10 a day the challenges are too numerous to mention. This way of being is not designed to work for everyone in any way. And the very real inner and outer conflict most of us are facing as a result is palpable.

a while back we decided to leave this madness. so began our path towards


less conflict and more connection to ourselves, each other, and the planet.






our power, within ourselves and together, is beyond our wildest comprehension. for each of us as individuals and global citizens – allowing/enabling  this magic to emerge is within our reach.






more us – our passions, dreams, ideas, energy, meaning & reason for being, in our lives and the world. our journey continues…

join us as we imagine, intuit, reclaim, voice, design, heal, respect, and re-align ourselves with life and it’s ongoing efforts to continue. 






re-align your self and your life with the something bigger to which we all belong:


reconnect. reclaim. realign:

dive in here

listen to your self. uncover your super powers. use them show you the way.

take the first step here

  experiment. learn by doing. find your part.

find your start here












unlearn the machine rules. listen to your self instead. go with your gut. transform as much conflict as you can. in you and in the world. be your truth. reclaim your good human skills. stand up for what’s right. integrate as much difference as you can. this makes us all better. treat everyone you meet as an old friend.

(see Dalai Lama and Mr. Rogers for further information)




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