this is our lifelong independent learning adventure and love love love affair with planet earth, her people, and everything.

skills, self knowledge, and enterprise for more human being, deeper living, and a better planet for everyone. a life-altering quest to reconnect to what we love, our true voice, and our part, and deploy all that untapped positive energy as a force for good in our lives and the world.

there is no right way but if our way feels interesting join one of our experiences below or get in touch:






over 200 years ago we left the fields and came to work in the city. together we built an economic system that today spans the entire globe. what a trip.

money was never meant to be the objective of life. today it governs what we learn, how we live, where we work, and what we buy, with widespread implications.

The system we built is no longer serving us or the earth.  Money, once a part of life, is now it’s driving force.

and for many of us fitting into this one size fits all machine has meant compromising ourselves, our families, and many other aspects of who we are in a profound way.

join us here:


(find your voice and your part as we work collectively to combine graphic design, social media, and data and get the word out on the possibilities before us)


(a not for profit working studio for creatives who are interested in using their skills to express some seriously life changing cool stuff)


(go within as you find your own just for you way to listen to yourself, reclaim your power, and use it in your life and the world)


(engage people in spreading the love, voting with their wallet, and contributing to a more sustainable economic way for everyone)


(learn all about startup as you become part of the make it happen team – a global online effort and more fun than you could possibly imagine)

our work has emerged organically, created by a small but precious community from around the world.  beyond the rules, machines, and exclusivity of the old world is a place where everyone has a place and a part.





dive into an online lab. reconnect to you. find your part. your voice. your meaning. we can help.



connected people. creative enterprise. sustainable planet.


(To create our work, we collaborated with over 5000 people from all over the world, and worked with over 100 small factories, studios, and partners in the UK and beyond. You can check out some of our past work here.)








life’s a trip
make yours the way you want it
dive into the web of life
and find your part in it
grab your superpowers, your good human skills, & your wildest moments
embrace your nature and what makes you you
connect to the energy that is all around us
and use all this power to build what you love
in your life and the world


questions, concerns, comments, jokes?   we’d love to hear from you