over 200 years ago many people became part of an epic voyage.  we left the fields and forests and came to work in the city. together we built an economic system that enabled billions of people to live far better lives. what a trip.

Everyone knows the system we built is no longer working. The impact it has on our lives; the way people and the environment are treated; no longer fit for purpose.

Focusing on money at any cost was never meant to be the objective of life but over time how we learn, work, and live has become fundamentally governed by it. Today we serve a system that we built to serve us. 80% of the world lives on less than $10 per day. The rest of us are somewhere between unfulfilled potential, anxiety, and shopping.


But here’s the secret: underneath this one size fits all hot mess are the seeds of something better.

There is much more to life. The old system leaves tons of potential on the table. Beyond it are deeper ways of living and being for everyone. To experience it all that is needed is to figure out how to connect to it. And everyone does this differently.

Join the most mind-blowing evolution the world has ever seen.





Anyone who wants to can have an important part to play as we embark on the journey of a lifetime from the world where we were all the same to one that embraces our unique, our awesome, our difference. The question is how?

To enable people to find their answer we’ve created loads of experiences from personal self directed labs to full on collaborative events.


You can check out some of our past productions here. To create our work, we collaborated with over 5000 people from all over the world, and worked with over 100 cooperatives and partners in the UK and beyond.






We invite you to take a spin around and hope you’ll find something that will inspire you to connect to some new in your life and the world.



connected people. creative enterprise. sustainable world.







life’s a trip
make yours the way you want it
dive into the web of life
and find your part in it
grab your roots, your good human skills, & your wildest moments
embrace your nature and what makes you you
connect to the energy that is all around us
and use all this power to build what you love
in your life and the world


questions, concerns, comments, jokes?   we’d love to hear from you.