Once upon a time you and me and us lived from the land.  In rhythm with the earth. 
We awoke when the sun rose and slept when the sunset.   We ate what we could find or hunt or grow. We cooked together and danced and sang.  We banged drums and held festivals and celebrated the harvest. 
And like the trees and the animals, we were part of the rhythm of the earth and the stars and their constant movement.
Each of us was a tiny but important seed in the journey of life.  And each one of us had a part to play in its magical unfolding.




everything is connected to everything else in one great web of life.  from the tiniest insects to the tallest trees; from the constantly moving nano particles inside all matter to the spiralling galaxies that make up the universe, everything is part of the magnificent and multi-dimensional web of life,


including every one of us.





Over the last 250 years we have built a global industrial complex that has disconnected us from ourselves, each other, and the earth.  Our precious humanity is in trouble, corrupted by a machine that could care less about humans or life.

The machine works for a few. Everyone else is experiencing varying degrees of chaos.

The effects of this are now clearly visible for all to see – economically, culturally, socially, politically, and environmentally.

As we have done for millenia, it is time for us to move on.








We’re heading into the wild – beyond the superiority, anxiety, injustice, and fear.  Beyond money as the only objective of life. And most importantly, beyond a world where almost everyone doesn’t belong.

We’re reclaiming our precious humanity for ourselves and anyone else who happens to be around.

Our adventure begins with our feet in the ground:

head back to earth here





the one size fits all, study, work, shop die, way of living disconnected us from everything real.

join a voyage of self discovery here 

and reconnect to you.
then grab all that energy and use it to find

your place and your part

in an emerging new world
what part of a new earth rising is yours?

neuron photo by matt lee (CC BY-NC 2.0)






in the chaos of now are the seeds of something new. our human potential may have been ravaged by the machine but it is not lost.

we can reconnect to us and use all that potential energy to allow something that works for all of us to emerge.

this is a journey of evolution.  it is what humans do every now and then. (YAY)

this project is one of many new directions that will be part of this moment: a multimedia adventure for awakening global citizens who believe that humanity means all of us.  if you’re feeling it

please join us

welcome to our small part of a new earth rising.