over 200 years ago humans went on an epic voyage.  we began to leave the fields and the forests and come to the city to work. together we built an economic system that enabled billions of people to live far better lives. what a trip.

unfortunately, at some point during our travels we lost our way. we lost our connection to ourselves and each other. we de-valued our communities and the earth herself. and we began to forget many of the good human skills that made us so successful in the first place.

As a result of these wrong turns the system we built began to wobble.  These days everyone knows it’s no longer sustainable. When did the objective become money at any cost anyway? We give away our hard earned coin for cheap thrills while we serve the economic system that we built to serve us and it’s exhausting. Our oceans are full of plastic. 80% of the world lives on less than $10 per day.  Many of us are full of anxiety, loneliness & depression. And the disenfranchised youth, migrants, and others who were left behind, aren’t going anywhere.

Our survival is at stake. Yes. we know.


But here’s the secret: inside this top down, one size fits all, money at all costs hot mess are the seeds of something new.

Every single human is carrying a rather large amount of untapped potential (you know it’s there) currently hiding from the unending rules and limiting ways of the old world.  We can, if we choose however,  learn how to reconnect to this energy. We can release that unused power. We can use it to devise new ways of living together, outside of the rules and ways of the old world, that are so much better – for us and everyone. 





There is so much more to life. To achieve this we need new skills and inspiration. Every human has an important part to play. And this new journey could not be more exciting.

At the new earth works we’ve been playing with this energy for years and what we’ve learned is that everyone harnesses it differently. So we’ve made all kinds of alternative ways from  immersive performances and community enterprise, to self directed workshops and online learning, to give people the inspiration, motivation, and practices they need as they connect to their new way and their part and contribute it to an emerging new whole.


You can check out some of our past productions here. To date, we’ve collaborated with people over 5000 people from all over the world, and worked with over 100 cooperatives and partners in the UK and beyond.






We hope our work will inspire you to cultivate some power of us in your life and the world. Creating it brings tons to ours everyday.



connected people. creative enterprise. organic change.







life’s a trip
make yours the way you want it
dive into the web of life
and find your part in it
grab your roots, your good human skills, & your wildest moments
embrace your nature and what makes you you
connect to the energy that is all around us
and use all this power to build what you love
in your life and the world