the world is on fire

it seems impossible to make sense of anything.



the meaninglessness. all the stuff. and the mind numbing media.

our unique lives are morphing into the one size fits all industrial machine. watched by the 80% of the world that can’t live this way but think we are having so much fun that they want to live this way too.

all this imbalance made our world unsustainable on many levels. which was why it was so easy for a tiny little virus to be the catalyst that tipped everything over. and which is why now

the world is on fire.







of course, long before covid our money based living was already causing chaos – the mediocrity, addiction,  stress, climate change, and inhumanity it spawned.  and the lies we told ourselves about what we knew was really going on. 

it was just as impossible to make sense of life then as it now.  but over time it somehow has become easier to come to terms with the crazy…


and confront the truth.  life has began to set us free.

In the quiet realisation of these moments we are beginning to feel the stirring of something far more potent than all the rushing around, working, studying, and buying stuff we have been doing. something far bigger than corrupt MPs, inhuman corporations, more coal factories, and unjust economics have begun to emerge.






this is truth.  and beyond it all that is left is life itself.

life – willing us on – willing us to re-align ourselves with it and be our truth –
like the trees
and the birds
and the earth herself.

today life is giving us the chance to live the greatest journey of all guided by life itself as we

unblock our power
and uncover our part

everyday life has begun sharing secret after secret about how every willing human can channel their individual awesome and unique in alignment with the earth and life and everything.

this mind-blowing, interconnected flow trumps all that went before it.
It is the unfolding energy of a new earth rising.







to attempt this alignment is the journey of a lifetime.  we are at the beginning and there is much to explore. here are four paths we’ve uncovered as ways to get started. but of course there will be many more:







life is deep. wake up. dive in.

see you on the other side. xx jac & maya