life-changing interactive learning adventures

(for awakening humans everywhere)


we have come to earth to feel. to learn. to love.

today, the energy of evolution is in the air.  life is speaking.

beyond our current one size fits all, study, work, shop, die way of being, many alternative paths are revealing themselves.

this is ours.

we are exploring how to balance who we really are vs. who we become when we feel forced to subordinate or ignore ourselves and our nature.

we are experimenting with the energy created by the interconnection of all living things and their ongoing evolution.

we are experiencing the exhilarating unfolding of our just for us path when we are not part of a profit at all costs global industrial complex.


 there are many ways to live, work, and be that are more aligned with our true selves, each other, the earth, and everything.

the only question is how?


all over the world people are experimenting with new directions, adventures, and ways of doing business that better serve ourselves, each other, and the seriously gorgeous web of life that connects us all.

who do we become when we are not mindlessly rushing to work, consume, and support a careless (and destructive) money at all costs game that benefits the few?

free from even a little of this crazy, something infinitely more real and true can organically emerge in our lives and everywhere…


we are making, doing, trying, sharing, and caring our way to something new. uncover your role, stake your claim. find your part.

we look forward to welcoming you.




life is deep. wake up. dive in.

see you on the other side. xx