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what we do  

We create impactful ways for people to experience the power of human (hidden inside every one of us) and figure out HOW to harness this energy as a force for good in their lives and on the planet.


Our current economic system and the way of life it promotes isn't working and will never work for everyone. At the New Earth Works we are certain there are better ways to distribute wealth for broadly while creating a better quality of life for more people.  Our inspiring strategies, everyday practices, and impactful actions reconnect people to the power of human; innate skills, natural talents, and other superpowers currently diminished by a rigid one size fits all economic system that rewards the few and limits the many.  It is through these powers that we see the future emerging.

 To put this hypothesis to the test we've tried and tested many ways to travel deep inside ourselves to the root of who we are.  We create a culture that encourages the energy we find there to grow and flourish.  And we employ a variety of structures to nurture this power collaboratively to create the explosive power of group flow.



Over the last 15 years we've learned that germinating the hidden seeds of who we are results in a more self directed way of life that is more productive, meaningful, and fulfilling. Working with these elements we connect to a seriously untapped flow of energy and cool things happen. We are constantly blown away by the incredible things that emerge as a result.


Over and over again we have watched as simple changes in what we value, the way we treat each other, and how we organise ourselves enable people to achieve extraordinary things for themselves and others.  Our individual and collective energy is uplifting, creative, and infectious.  As we work with it we too are driven onwards by the possibilities of harnessing this unending, renewable power for ourselves, our planet, and everyone.




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