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labour and love



an ongoing collaboration

Over the years kind people have come to our aid.  What connects this diverse group is a passionate desire for something new, genuine respect, and a decent sense of humour. We also enjoy cooking and eating together.


Anyone who shares our vision and wants to contribute is welcome to work with us. We listen to the advice of many, solicit expertise, and try to do good things together. To enable this our structure is highly flexible and the people we work with ebb and flow at will. Some have now moved on to other things, others have been with us since the beginning. Some advise. Others promote. Others create. Many do all three. All have a variety of other interests.


If you would like to explore, try, or develop something with us please get in touch.


the story so far

After more than 12 years working with multi-national corporations I began to question trickle down economics and the pursuit of wealth as the basis for modern living.  Our current capitalist system couldn't ever work for everyone but even from the top of it it didn't seem all that great.  Was there a better way to create value for more people?


Determined to find out I spent many years living in different places around the world, meeting a diverse range of people, and getting to know who they were and how they lived.  I learned from Vietnamese refugees in Montreal, tea pluckers in Sri Lanka, social entrepreneurs in Northern California and the amazing ibus (mothers) of Bali, Indonesia. 


Somewhere along this journey I began to sense the something more - the power buried deep inside everyone of us, our superpowers and passions and their connection to the dance of life.  I began to experience what it was like to be part of this dance, embracing our human skills, and making a contribution to this collective journey at the same time. The New Earth Works was born. 


As my vision unfolded just the right people came along to help me just at the right time. I am very grateful for their perspectives, energy, and contributions - every discussion, perspective, brain storm, and creative process shared was so important to the evolution of this work.  Without the generosity and commitment of these really important people my dreams would never have become reality.  I am truly grateful to them and I look forward to more discovering, sharing, and growing in the years to come.


a very big thank you to Ayu Sri    Ayu Kade    Wayan Wargi    Joko     Gustro     Rehane   Kathryn   Sara    Sarah    Rebecca    Elena    Naomi    Anna    Ketut Rina    Ramya     Sage     Laura   Ali    Kamau    Ibu Nyoman    Pak Wayan  Fin   Maya    Yana    Saerah     Georgina   Sarah     Songze   Juan    Sergio    Neus    Effie     Maider     Nuria    Manuel  Aiva    Ane    Naia    Amaia    Pauline   Irati     Radina     Sarya    Ruthelise    Hee Young, Bettina, and the many others who made contributions to our experiments and their success.


Without a doubt my greatest passion in life is people and their amazing, unique energy.  I am daily amazed by this power, and its unending potential to make life better and more meaningful for everyone.  Before creating the New Earth Works I founded a $15 million tech startup focused on helping companies to release the full potential of their people.  I have also benefitted from many diverse experiences that have contributed to my path: producing community theatre for Theatre Firefly in Ubud, providing business coaching to single mothers in inner city London with the Prince's Trust, setting up grassroots aid after the Asian tsunami and creating marketing strategies for banana farmers at Earth College in Costa Rica.

These days the New Earth Works is my little tiny offering to the cosmos - an opportunity for me and anyone else who is interested to explore the meaning of life on earth, what makes us human, and how we can be better humans and better stewards of this amazing planet. I love combining the power of good strategy,  the creative arts, and self directed learning. I am a big fan of grassroots outreach because it keeps it real. Giving people access to new directions, opportunities, and possibilities in an authentic way is really all I guess I've ever done. So I just keep doing it. Maybe that's all life really is - doing the things we love and loving the things we give.


Before becoming a social entrepreneur I spent seven eye-opening years at Bain & Co. working as a global strategy consultant for multi-nationals in the US, Europe and Asia. I am also the mother of two free range children who learned at home and are now almost grown up happy contributing members of society.  I am currently based between the multicultural wonderland of London, England and the magical pardise of Bali, Indonesia.  If you would like to chat, share, meet up or have a cup of tea please do not hesitate to get in touch: