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"a visual treat"  |  "uplifting and inspiring"

"a life changing experience that you won't forget"

The Unfolding is the coolest interactive art installation and theatre experience.  It helps people learn about how things change, the importance of being who we are, collaboration other things that are kind of important if we are going to build a new earth.  One of the reasons its so cool is that its experiential which is the best way to learn (way better than the way we learn in schools).  So you get it by doing it, trying it, experimenting and creating and everybody usually learns something different.  People learn about things from individual identity and creativity to collective topics around organic growth, collaboration and emergence.

Groups of artists, musicians and performers work individually and together during an eight week period to pull together a multimedia story.  The working together part is as important to us as the part where the audiences ultimately experience and interact with the final work and in the end the result is authentic and real and has a mesmerising effect on all involved.  Different each time it is crafted, the Unfolding is a powerful experience that combines the beauty of various creative media with an inspiring human story of our individual and collective life journeys.  Its an unforgettable and life changing experience for participants & audiences alike.


"exactly the message we are all

waiting to hear"

"the best event our family has participated in ever"

ketut rina


"we wished it went on forever"


"it was so great.  the message was spot on.  the poetry was so inspiring.  the music was wonderful. and the handmade set was just beautiful."

more flowers


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