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   Experiential Learning

We're re-writing the code on internships.  Handmade, customised, and life-changing, our internships put young people in the drivers seat, enabling them to find themselves and their path real time. We believe in diving straight in. Experiments that are worth 1000 expert opinions. Learning by doing. Less thinking. More mocking things up.  Making mistakes. Reflection.  Starting again.


Our internships are experiential and hands on. We think that this type of learning is at least as important as book learning, especially if you aren’t sure what you are doing or trying to figure out which way to go next. Offered on a not for profit basis, there are several start dates each year.


New Earth Works internships are self directed meaning you figure out what to learn and do the work. Everyone gets their own coffee.  If you are interested in our radical, jump in the deep end, highly impactful approach to being who you are and doing what you love then drop us an email:

Please include your resume and a brief description of your circumstances, what you would like to do, where, and for how long and we’ll let you know what we have available.