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 NEW production

This magical, multimedia installation takes the audience on a hands-on, interactive journey through the wilds of self knowledge, social transformation, and the meaning of life.

We bring our interactive learning experiences and pop up shops to many places including the street, Christmas fairs, music festivals, conferences, and universities.


Exciting collaborations between local Balinese youth and a number of experienced international artists resulted in these two films and an interactive installation about individual contribution, collaboration and community.

We welcome young graduates to our hands on entrepreneurships designed to build confidence and connect people to themselves through an experience-based exploration of their unique talents, innate skills, and true loves.


A multimedia theatre performance and interactive arts installation, The Unfolding transported audiences on a journey from the banalities and addictions of urban living to the creative and organic experience of the present moment and life in the flow.  Full of mesmerising artistic creations and exhilarating dance, and  created in collaboration with over 50 cast members from around the world and many arts and community organisations.

In collaboration with a number of cooperatives, social enterprises, and community workshops in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the UK, we designed and launched six collections complete with biodegradable packaging, inspiring messages and an immersive retail space that maximised their educational potential.

Spiral Club

creative afterschool adventures

Creativity, confidence and alternative learning flowed freely through this innovative after school programme that combined the free spirit, courage, and curiosity of our local village kids with the international perspectives and creative skills of university graduates from around the world.