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the New Earth Works

more power of human, self directed learning, creativity, and organic potential in our lives and in the world


At the New Earth Works we design and launch live events, interactive spaces, multimedia, experiential learning, socially responsible products and other cool stuff that inspire, support, inform, and guide people who are seriously passionate about embracing the fullest version of themselves and using this power as a force for good in their lives and in the world.

We love the unique, multidimensional potential of people and their connectedness to every living thing. Our focus is how to harness this very real and powerful energy to make magic happen. 


Find out more about our passions and philosophies here.


 We work organically, combining the perspectives of many who come our way.   You can check out some of the power of people awesomeness we've experienced here.  In the last five years we have engaged with over 5000 people, provided hands on learning experiences to 30 young graduates from more than 12 countries, and partnered with more than 25 different cooperatives and studios in the UK and beyond.  

We are currently embarking on our most ambitious build to date: an exciting new space, online network, and inspiring retreat  experience using our unique, collaborative approach.

The good human skills, positive energy, and super powers inside every one of us are a critical part of how we create out of the box new in the face of the economic and social challenges currently upon us.


If you'd like to join our epic build, explore your potential, and experience some really amazing things about yourself in the process, please feel free to get in touch.

We hope our work will enable you to cultivate more positive energy in your life and in the world. Creating it brings tons to ours everyday.